Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet



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  • 10 vents for ultimate temperature regulation with unyielding ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior
  • Adjustable dial to customize fit
  • Removable plush earmuffs for warmth and protection, with pocket for storing headphones
  • Goggle clip to keep eyewear attached
  • Replaceable foam pieces to transform into bike helmet

From the Manufacturer

Traverse Dirus 2-in-1 Helmets: Top of the line protection, all year round

Traverse was built around a culture of pushing to reach further, climb higher, and above else, conquer.

  • R+D is done in-house.
  • Action sports-oriented team.
  • Serious appreciation for the outdoors.
  • Your safety is our top priority.
  • Your comfort is a close second.

Traverse Dirus Convertible Ski & Snowboard / Bike & Helmet

All-Weather, All-the-Time Sports Helmet

The Dirus Helmet is the latest offering from our growing line of protective headwear. The design furthers the evolution of our belief that no helmet should be seasonally restrained. Instead this helmet is here to answer the adventurous call of the outdoors no matter what time of the year it may be. Whether the mountain beckons you to carve through the powder or dial in a berm, the Dirus has you covered.

  • Customizable fit with adjustable dial and chin strap
  • More secure fit and long term comfort
  • Plush fleece netted cap and earmuffs
  • Interchangeable shock-absorbing foam inserts
  • Effortlessly change from ski to bike and back again
  • Temperature and moisture regulation
  • 10 vents for ultimate air circulation
  • Rear clip for securing snow goggles
  • Safety certified (CE EN 1077:2007 / CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203)

Designed with You in Mind

Flexible Fit:

Traverse Helmets are adjustable in every which way. Twist the dial on the back to tighten or loosen the fit for ultimate protection and a more even distribution of pressure for long term comfort.

Climate Control:

The vents positioned inside and outside this helmet encourages superior airflow. Stay dry and warm exactly when you need to.


Our helmets are adaptive enough to fit nearly every sized head, which is why we only have to offer three sizes. Pick a small if your head measures anywhere from 51-55 cm, a medium if your head is from 55-59 cm, and a large if your head measures from 59-63 cm. (You can confirm you received the right size by examining the cloth tag beneath the fleece cap).

Choose your Soundtrack:

Snow helmet earmuffs include zippered pocket in the back to insert headphones or speakers.

Top Tier Snow Helmet

Safety is a luxury that should be offered to all. Which is why Traverse helmets utilize sleek design, exceptional comfort, and top safety features while remaining extremely affordable.

Top Tier Snow Helmet

Plush Interior

Simple Helmet Conversion

Interchangeable Foam Inserts

The Pinnacle of Safety

Our helmets have passed all the rigorous safety tests and with flying colors. They are safety certified (CE EN 1077:2007 (Ski Helmets); CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 (Bicycle Helmets)). The ABS hard exterior is durable and heavy-duty for ultimate protection against bumps and bruises. The thick high-density EPS foam inside the helmet will absorb shock on impact.

Keeping Cool

10 vents strategically placed around the helmet stimulate thorough air ventilation, wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature.

Eliminate Chin Chaffing

A soft padded cushion is secured on the smooth nylon strap and rests under your chin. Ride hard, day or night, winter or summer, and avoid scrapes.

Designed for Adventures

Slide the strap of your goggles into the clip on the back to keep them safe a secure while you slash your way through the powder.

One Year Warranty

We cover all defects in material and workmanship. If you receive a damaged helmet, we’ll replace it at no charge.