Best Selling Strobe and Stage Lights

1) Lightahead® LA005 Rotating LED Strobe Bulb Multi changing Color Crystal Stage Light



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Fascinating Rotating LED Crystal Led Bulb “Your Personal & Private Disco”
Unmatched High Quality safe and reliable product from the leaders in LED lights From Lightahead Known for Its High Quality Branded Products. Made of Plastic. Easy to install in any light socket or lamp
Multi-Color Lights Change Automatically. Has a slight whirring sound of motor.Ideal for home party’s ,disco, Bar’s ,Club’s ,stage and even children’s rooms. 3-1W LED
1.) Make sure the bulb is plugged firmly into the socket 2.) The socket must not be connected with an extension cord for best experience.3.) If the bulb does not rotate please remove and re-insert into the socket to make sure it is firm and place well into the base.

Product Description
Unmatched Quality From Lightahead®
This Is The Original Rotating Led Strobe Bulb From Lightahead® Sold Across The Globe for Many Years.
You will find hundreds of imitation products being sold but they are not even close to the Original Lightahead® Branded Bulb.
Your Personal Disco
Yes for less than the price of a movie ticket you get this incredible LED rotating light Bulb with beautiful colors rotating with the bulb which create an amazing disco effect in any room.
Ideal for Home Partys, disco, Bar’s ,Club’s , Stage and even Children’s Rooms. Get Rotating Colorful lights in your room in seconds with this awesome gadget. Long working lifespan. This is the most High quality safe and reliable product from the leaders in LED lights Lightahead®
Just Plug And Play

About Lightahead®
Lightahead® is the Registered Trademark of LIGHT AHEAD INC Registered vide USPTO Trademark Number 4440112.
Lightahead® Has not appointed or authorized any reseller for this product in USA or any country across the globe.
Any Listing On This Product Detail Page by a seller other than Lightahead® is Bound to be a counterfeit imitation and buyers are requested to stay away from them.
Lightahead®’s Guarantee Of Satisfaction
If for any reason you are not happy with this product feel free to return within 30 days and get a full refund.No questions asked.


2) GBGS Mini Strobe Light 24 High-Power LED Stage Lighting. Ideal for Clubs, DJs, Discos, Bars, and House Parties (White)



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Top race mini disco 24 LED white flashing strobe light instead of 21 LED
Compact and lightweight, bright white flashing strobe light.
Variable speed knob to control the flash rate from slow to fast for indoor use. Up to 12 flashes per second
Plug-and-play. High Quality high intensity and reliability. Long lifespan
An inexpensive way to use with motion sensor as a visual alarm indicator

Product Description
This powerful strobe light comes with 24 powerful white LEDs.
High quality mini strobe light.
Compact and light weight
Very bright strobing effect, with up to 12 flashes per second for an exciting effect.
Variable speed knob to control the flash rate from slow to fast
For indoor use
Plug-and-play, extremely easy to set up and operate.
High quality and high intensity LEDs provide reliability and offer a long lifespan.
Suitable for discos, DJs, ballrooms, KTV, bars, stage effects, clubs, home and office parties, holiday decorations, etc.

1. Bright strobe light with 24 white LED’s
2. Provides a powerful punch in a small package
3. Long-life LED technology – Warranty: 1 year
4. Variable-speed knob on rear controls the flash rate from slow to fast
5. Great with or without fog
6. Low heat and power consumption
7. Dimensions: (L x W x H): 3.5″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ / 85 x 135 x 85 mm
8. Weight: 12.oz

Let’s rock the house with the Mini 24 LED Flashing Strobe Light!


3) Roxant Pro Mini LED Strobe Light with 24 Super Bright LEDs With Variable Speed Control – ROX-ST1



Price: $24.95
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You Save: $5.00 (20%)

24 LEDS instead of 21 LEDS like our competitor’s + Variable Speed Knob To Control The Flash Rate
50,000 hour operating life!
Ultra-Compact Package with Low Power Consumption + Comes with mounting bracket
Runs All Night And Stays COOL To The Touch!
We’ve heard from many customers who put these in their attics or garages as a humane deterrent for mice, rats, squirrels, bats and even spiders!

Product Description

The Roxant Pro Mini LED Strobe Light is an ultra-compact powerhouse ready to go right out of the box. Great for DJs, Stage lighting, Disco lights, Party lights and Halloween. With a Massive 50,000 hour LED lifespan this strobe light can run all night long, but stays COOL to the touch. – Features 24 super bright LEDs (NOT 21 like our competitor’s) The variable speed knob on the back controls flash rate. Low power consumption in a lightweight box that really packs a punch make this mini led strobe light a winner!


4) Krown KRN-K-RA-005 Amplified Ringer with Strobe


Price: $25.98 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49. Details

Don’t miss another call! Amplified Ringer with Strobe light monitors your phone line, alerting you of an incoming call with an amplifid ringer of up to 120 dB, and bright flashing strobe light.

Product Description

Overview: A thoughtful gift, also ideal for warehouse, factory or any noisy environment. Don’t miss another call! Krown’s Amplified Ringer with Strobe Light monitors your phone line for incoming calls. When receiving a call, the K-RA005 will alert you with a 120 dB amplified ringer, and bright flashing strobe light. Features: * Adjustable ringer, up to 120 dB * Ringer operated by line power * Ringer hi/mid/low switch * Powerful strobe light * Tone control hi/low switch * Line triggered strobe light * AC Adapter included – output 6V/1000MA * Easy Installation * Wall mountable * 3 AA batteries required for backup, not included * 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty


5) Eyourlife 18 LED 60w Strobe RGB Flash Light Stage Party Lighting Sound Activated for Club Disco Party Bar DJ



Price: $69.99
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You Save: $39.00 (56%)


18pcs RGB strobe LED flashing light
Compact and lightweight Bright Strobe light Put on the table or hang on the ceiling
Material Iron Voltage 110V to 220V LED 18 pcs 6 Red 6 Green 6 Blue Function Auto Sound Activated Power 60W
Plug and play High Quality high intensity and reliability Long lifespan Up to 10000 hours This is a strobe light not a static light
Product size 9 point 2 by 2 by 4 Inch Package Included 1 Led Flashing Light 1 User Manual

Product Description
Eyourlife 18 LED 60w Strobe Light RGB Flash Light Stage Party Lighting Sound Activated for Club Disco Party Bar DJ
18pcs RGB strobe LED flashing light and has dazzling lighting effects
Environment-friendly, no harmful elements such as mercury and lead, it can be recycled and reduced without EMI
High efficiency, low heat
Very easy to move, lightweight and convenience
High safety, no security risks, widely used in Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, Banquet, weddings, family parties, etc.
Material: Iron
Voltage: 110V-220V
LED: 18 pcs – 6 Red, 6 Green, 6 Blue
Function: Auto / Sound Activated
Power: 60W
Life: Up to 10000 Hours
Product size: 9.2*2*4 Inch
Operating Instructions:
The red button for voice-activated switch; press down to voice-activated open; bounce for Auto mode
Knob: Stroboscopic speed can be adjusted via knob button
Confirm the supplied voltage is stable and required.
Indoor use only, please do waterproof measures if outdoor use.
Please do not look at the light directly, in case it might damage the eyes.
This is a strobe light, not a static light.
Package Included:
1 x LED Flashing Light
1 x User Manual

Orgone Blue Crystal Pendant

Orgone Blue CrystOrgone Blue Crystal Pendantal Pendant

Price: $15.00

Ships from and sold by Purple People Market Place.
Titanium blue quartz crystal, wrapped in metal wire and encased in a thin layer of resin.
Titanium, one of the strongest metals, is infused directly into the crystal – giving the crystal a vibrant iridescent color and an extremely potent orgone energy source.
Powerful orgone shied. EMF protection. Increase sense of well-being; Enhance resilience to stress; Assist mental clarity.
Please note: This offer is for one crystal pendant (approx. 1 to 1.5 inches long). Each pendant is one of a kind.

Product Description

Orgone energy devices assist in cleansing, releasing, re-aligning… producing healing energetic resonances around the wearer and within the immediate environment. Their affects are subtle and gradual – thought energy is key.

How These Orgone Devices Work:
These devices consist primarily of concentrated organic matter in the form of resin; inorganic matter in the form of metals; and conductors in the form of crystals. The organic resin exerts negative ionic charges and the inorganic metals exert positive ionic charges. When housed in such close formation, the excitation of these ionic charges act as magnetic energy generators – drawing in subtle energies from the environment. In combination with quartz crystals and other semi-precious stones, these magnetic energy generator devices continuously transmute lower incoherent energy drawn in from the environment into higher coherent frequencies inherent in the crystalline signatures of the stones. These higher frequencies are continuously generated, transmitting vibrations of harmony & balance out into the environment and into one’s energy fields.

* 1 to 1.5 inch quartz crystal
* each pendant tested with pendulum for efficacy

Quartz Crystal Chakra Pyramid Energy Generator

Quartz Crystal Chakra Pyramid Energy Generator (Amazon Link)

Price: $11.84

Quartz Crystal Chakra Pyramid Energy Generator

Center Pyramid Amplifies The Four Directions Of Energy Of Earth Through Its Apex
Genuine Quartz Crystal
Healing, Manifestation, Chakra Balancing, Energy Magnification, Protection
Product Description:
A unique, handmade Quartz Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator used for magnifying energy, healing, focusing intent, manifesting desires, gridwork, protection, and chakra balancing. powerful energy magnifier and can be used in healing, energy balancing, spiritual centering, focus of intent and protection. Placing this pyramid energy generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your home or sacred space. It generally measures approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. Because these are handmade, they may be slightly smaller or larger in size.

Chakra Energy Generator Crystal Pyramid

Large 7 Sided Chakra Energy Generator, Reiki, 8 Stone & Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Large 7 Sided Chakra Energy Generator, Reiki, 8 Stone & Quartz Crystal Pyramid
by New handmade.
Price: $17.90

Chakra Energy Generator

A beautiful multi-stone energy generator.
Measures approximately 3 1/2″ wide.
A beautiful piece.

Product Description
A large brand new 7 CHAKRA CONICAL PYRAMID ENERGY GENERATOR. Total diameter approx. 3 1/2″. 7 facet chakra points coming out from the center of the quartz crystal conical pyramid, each measuring 1 1/4″ long. The center conical pyramid measures 1 1/4″ in diameter and 1″ high. The first 7 gemstones around the pyramid corresponds to the colors of the first 7 chakra, while the last point, the clear quarts corresponds to the eight chakra, the seat of the soul. Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. It balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear Quartz harmonises all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. This generator is great for all energy therapy , including healing and opening the chakras. This is an excellent tool for reiki with great healing property output. It can also be used for personal healing. Simply place it on the solar plexus while lying down during meditation or relaxation.