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1) Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio


Price: $249.00
Sale: $199.00 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $50.00 (20%)
Fun Treat Tossing: Toss a treat to your dog through the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill up to 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite snack and play a game of fetch from anywhere!
HD Camera & Night Vision: Discover your pet’s secret life when you’re not at home. With 720p HD video streaming, a 120° wide-angle view and night vision, Furbo lets you see your entire room, day or night.
Two Way Chat: Hear and comfort your dogs just like you are right there with them. Furbo has built-in microphone and speakers so you can talk and listen to your pets clearly.
Barking Alert: Delivers push notifications to your smartphone when your dogs bark so you can soothe them in real time. Furbo has intelligent sensors that automatically detects barking.
Internet connection and strong WiFi signal are required to set up Furbo. Depending on the size and texture of the treats, multiple treats may toss out at a time. If you encounter any issues installing the Furbo app or cannot complete the setup process, please reach out to Furbo’s support team via


Always together, even when apart

Ever wonder what your dog does all day? Or are you worried your furbaby is bored at home alone? Through Furbo, the bond with your dog is borderless. Furbo is a smart dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog when you’re away. Be together to your furry loved ones, no matter how far you go!

With Furbo you can:

  • Speak and listen to your dog: With the two-way audio, you and your dog can both hear each other
  • Play by tossing treats: Treat your dog from anywhere by swiping across the screen on the free Furbo iOS/Android app
  • HD live streaming of your dog: 120° wide-angle camera with 720p HD, 4x digital zoom, and night vision – don’t miss out on any moments!
  • Get barking alerts: Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone
  • Take lots of cute photos & videos: Capture special moments, and share with friends and family

What’s Inside the Box and How to Set Up Furbo

Three Easy Setup Steps

1. Plug in Furbo to a power outlet, using its USB cord
2. Download the free Furbo app, available on iOS and Android
3. Connect Furbo to your home WIFI

Peace of Mind Wherever You Go

See and Talk to Your Furbaby Anytime!

No matter where you are in the world, you can always see what your dog is doing. Sleeping, playing, or chewing on something important, don’t miss out on any special moments!

Toss treats with a simple swipe on your phone! Furbo is uniquely designed to launch your dog’s favorite treats into the air, making it more fun for your dog to chase after. Most treats are compatible, though we suggest round, non-crushable treats between half inch to one inch.
Furbo’s built-in microphone and advance intelligent sensor can tell barking from background noises, then automatically sends alerts to your phone. Being away doesn’t mean you can’t respond to emergencies.
With Furbo’s night vision function, you can still see your dog in the dark. Furbo has built-in infrared LED lights that let you see an incredibly clear view despite low-light conditions.

Price: $1,150.00
Sale: $999.00 & FREE Shipping. Details
You Save: $151.00 (13%)


STYLISH & FUN: eByke electric bike is a super cool, modern, and sleek electric scooter that will be sure turn a lot of heads
CONVENIENT: Great for city commuting & cruising around your town, college campus, or to/from work, the urban commuter electric bike has a 22-25 mile avg. range, 15 mph speed, and only 3-5 hours to charge. Perfect “last mile” solution for city & town transportation
COMPACT: eByke is a folding electric bike/scooter so that it is super easy to lift, fold, & take anywhere you need; it can be conveniently stored in a car, car trunk, RV, boat, classroom, Uber, bus, or train
TOP-OF-THE-LINE TECHNOLOGY: The eByke electric scooter for adults or kids has incredible features: Bluetooth speaker, USB Charger, front light, Remote (Start/Alarm/Panic Button), horn, front & rear disc brakes, cruise mode, LED display dashboard screen that shows speed, battery level, mileage, phone charge, headlight, & temperature range
SPECS: Load capacity of 240 lbs.; compact measurements of only 48”X 22“X11”; a durable but very light aluminum frame of 40 lbs; the electric Brushless 240w 36V motor will easily whip you around town

If you ever found yourself stranded with your bike or scooter because you can’t take it with you on Uber, a subway or a friend’s car? TYen you need the E15 eByke Electric scooter. It is ingenuously designed to quickly and easily fold up to put in a trunk or take with you on a train or take it with you almost anywhere!

Moreover, with a 22-25 mile range per charge, it allows you to zoom around the city without a need to charge up until you’re back home. While you’re riding the built in Bluetooth speaker allows you listen to music without headphones to be safe. You can even charge your phone while driving with the USB charger.

The eByke is a foldable, super cool electric scooter for city commuting with a 22-25 mile avg. range, that conveniently folds up to store in a car, car trunk, RV, boat, class room, bus or train; the EByke scooter is fast at 15 mph and only takes 3-5 hrs. to charge.
E15 Electric Folding Scooter by eByke–The Perfect Solution For The ‘Last Mile’ of your commute

The eByke is extremely versatile. It has all of the power to take you where you need to be–and fast.

20 Mils per charge–Never worry about juice until you’re safely back home
15 Miles Per Hour–Get to you Designation–Fast
3-5 Hours to Re-Charge
Up to 240 lbs. load Capacity
Folds up in Seconds and take with you–never be left without transportation!

Regardless of where you’re headed–the eByke can go with you. Simply fold it up and roll it in. Never be left stranded again and trying to figure out how to get to your final destination when taking public transportation.

The eByke Folds up in Seconds, is light weight to take almost anywhere to be able to “scoot away” at your next drop off
Fits in your trunk–perfect for Uber rides
Fold and roll it right on to a train, subway or your classroom

A Safe Scooter, Smart and Cool


A headlight will keep you safe and allows for night riding.
Front and Rear Disc brakes for optimum breaking
Aluminum Frame–light weight but super tough
Keyless Start and Alarm. The E15 scooter can only start with the keyless alarm which also includes a panic button. Turn off the power and set the alarm and you’re all set.
The LED dash board will you keep you informed:

Battery Life
Cruise Mode
USB Phone Charger
Can’t live without Music or your Phone?

The Built-in Bluetooth Speaker automatically connects to any Bluetooth enabled phone
Listen to your favorite tunes music without headphones
Charge your phone or any USB device while driving