Selfie Sticks The Best Smartphone & Gopro Selfie Sticks

1) Selfix Selfie Stick Deluxe – The Best Smartphone & Gopro Selfie Stick with Remote – Featuring Struggle-Free Bluetooth for Endless Insta Selfies – RIF6 (Orange)


Price: $59.90
Sale: $12.90 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49. Details
You Save: $47.00 (78%)



BLEND IN WITH THE LOCALS: Mingle among the natives with this subtle three foot long, metallic Selfie Stick, inconspicuously capturing memories while remaining attuned to your surroundings and never disturbing the cadence of pedestrian traffic. Don’t spoil your nonchalant facade by asking a passerby for a photo-op; with the Selfix Stick by your side (or poised three feet above your face), you’ll have the locals asking YOU for directions.
LET NOTHING STOP YOUR SELFIE: There is no “wrong time” to take a selfie and should any man, woman, or child attempt to deter you, refer to bullet point #3. Dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? Snap away! With our bluetooth remote, there’s no limit on the number of selfies you can capture as surrounding diners gape with blatant envy and intrigue, and the manager strides toward you, likely to inquire where he himself can purchase a Selfix.
FEND OFF MISCREANTS, HOSTILE WILDLIFE AND POTENTIAL DATES: The collapsible, lightweight yet durable stick makes an ideal camping accessory for snapping group shots around the campfire or holding your own against a Grizzly. Find yourself accosted midselfie by a gang of pick-pockets? “Not today, miscreants!” you cry, brandishing your Selfix, sending them scattering in terror. Spy a suitor making eyes from across the bar? Whip out the Selfix and all prospective flirtation will be quelled.
RISE TO INSTAGRAM STARDOM: The Selfix Stick is the most efficient route to insta-fame. Give the people what they want; hourly selfies captioned with emojis, close cropped shots of you and your bestie making silly faces because you’re just fun-loving buddies, or showcase your vulnerable side with the crowdpleasing #nomakeupselfie. The public needs to know you just woke up like that, and you will reap their gratitude in Kardashian-esque hoards of followers
WIN AT LIFE: Real talk, the Selfix Stick is for winners. There’s a combination of brazen self-confidence, gusto, and focussed determination specific to Selfix Stick owners. Aside from Selfix Stickers, who exhibits such desirable personality traits? Harvard Law graduates. Astronauts. Leaders of the Free World. Winners. Are we promising the purchase of a Selfix Stick will lead to ultimate success, wealth, and power? No. But we aren’t not, not promising, either.

Product Features
Color: orange
Size (LWH): 5.12 inches, 1.38 inches, 0.59 inches
Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide



2)   (2017 NEW MODEL) Ace of Slates Selfie Stick with Carabiner Clip-and-Go for iPhone 6s, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c and Android Wired Headphone Jack (NO BLUETOOTH HASSLE)

Price: $19.99
Sale: $3.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49. Details
You Save: $16.00 (80%)



  • NEW MODEL FOR 2017!! The ONLY Selfie Stick with a carabiner attachment for Clip and Go carry
  • No Bluetooth pairing required! Wired for “plug and go” with headphone jack, no hassle to sync your phone and drain your phone battery.
  • Monopod selfie stick for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, and Android (some Android models require free App Camera360).
  • Extendable from 7.3″ to 32″ and pivoting selfie stick head for any angle and perfect shots no matter what.
  • No more digging through your backpack in search of your monopod when the perfect photo moment arrives, just clip it to any ring, hook, zipper pull, etc. and it’s there when you need it!

Product Description

Everybody needs a Selfie Stick, and every Selfie stick needs a carabiner clip! Until now, Carabiners are only found on expensive monopods, and Ace of Slates is putting an end to this nonsense! This is the ONLY budget extendable selfie stick with a carabiner. Selfies are best when taken during an adventure, whether that is a mountain biking excursion with friends or a picnic to the park with your little ones. Now, you can keep your selfie stick close at hand to snap the best selfies when opportunities strike! No more digging through your backpack or diaper bag to find the Selfie Stick – With Ace of Slates(TM) Selfie Stick, simply attach it to any loop, handle, hook, clip, or ring with our included carabiner hook. Compatible with any iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung, HTC, and any other smart phone with a headphone jack. Simply Plug in and you’re ready to go! No annoying hassle of waiting to sync your bluetooth, or drain your battery! Please note the carabiner is located inside the packaging. Just clip in on and you’re ready to go! Most phones with a headphone jack are ready to use selfie stick by just plugging in, but some select android models require downloading the free app Camera360.


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